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Our Story

Our Story

I met Tommie Michelle in the seventh grade. We sat right next to each other during dance team roll-call. We clicked instantly and have been friends ever since… except for that one week where we got into a “fight.” We now look back at that as the worst week of our lives! Haha!

We spent most of our middle school weekends having slumber parties and doing everyone’s hair and makeup. I used to joke: “When I grow up I’m going to do hair and you’re going to do makeup and we are going to work together.” Little did we know this was exactly what our futures had in store for us.

In high school we still exercised our talents for the school plays, but the idea of living out our dream didn’t seem like a reality at the time. Although Tommie and I hung out in completely different crowds we still remained the best of friends.

In 2006, right after graduation, I worked to get my cosmetology license and Tommie got a job at a makeup counter. We both worked hard in our careers to advance, learn, and achieve as much as we could. When I got married three years later, Tommie stood by my side as my maid of honor. Naturally, she did my makeup, and she did an incredible job. The day was so calm and mellow; I felt so lucky to have such a stress-free day after the most stress-filled week leading up to my wedding.

After my wedding was over, we had a “bestie day” at El Torito and recapped my wedding over margaritas. We talked about how every bride should have that very same experience, and it was at that moment when everything clicked! “Why don’t we work together and give that kind of experience to every bride?” From that moment on it seemed like all the doors opened for us and the wedding community welcomed us warmly. It was so amazing to watch everything fall into place.

When I look back on our journey over the last three years, I can’t help but feel so blessed to have an amazing job, colleagues, clients, and my partner and best friend. Every day our dreams come true and I can’t wait to see what more amazing people and experiences we will continue to encounter as our dreams continue to exceed our expectations! When our brides welcome us into their lives for such an intimate event, we become attached to them and their family. We feel like more than just a hair and makeup team; it’s as though we’ve been friends since the seventh grade.

Thanks to everyone for letting us be a part of your journey!

<3 Ashley Renee

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