Stylist Spotlight: Tommie

October 10, 2016




Name: Tommie-Michelle Rocha

Expert in Makeup & Co-Founder of Dollhouse Hair and Makeup

Instagram: @tommie.michelle

About me: My Name is Tommie Michelle, everyone knows me by Tommie. I am a new mommy. My son, Lennon, is 5 months old. Whenever I am not working I spend all my time snuggling him.


Experience:  I have been in the industry a little over 10 years. I started right after high school, working at the makeup counters at 18 years old.


Inspiration: My love for art started at a very young age. In 1st grade my family portraits were always the most detailed. I would draw everyone with extra accessories and lots of color! My love for art turned into a passion for makeup when I got to high school. When I actually started to connect with women through makeup and starting noticing that what I was doing was making someones day, or boosting self-confidence, I knew I was on the right path. I never saw makeup as something you do to cover up yourself... like most people would naturally think... but I use it as a tool to enhance inner beauty, to bring out your best features and ultimately create a feeling that last a lifetime.


Favorite Dollhouse Lash: Goal Digger was my first love but I am currently obsessed with Boss Lady right now




Favorite Style: My favorite look is always a bold lip!


What product would you be lost without: Probably my bronzer...I can’t live without a good contour!


Upcoming Tutorial: Winged Liner


Favorite Looks: 

The Dark Lip 


 Winged Liner

 Colored Smokey Eye


Check back for the fantastic Winged Liner Tutorial by Tommie

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