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Halloween Inspiration by Dollhouse

Halloween is here! It is time to break out the fun size candy bars, fake blood and colored hairspray. If you haven't decided on your costume yet, don't worry! Dollhouse has you covered. Our stylists have put together a few looks to help inspire you this holiday season. Take a look below to see some of our sweet, sassy and intense halloween looks.

Oh Dear! - This darling dear was created by Jeanette - Makeup and Ashley - Hair. We love how they incorporated Dollhouse Lashes into the Top and bottom line with Goal Digger on Top and Boss Lady on Bottom!

Harley Quinn - Makeup Designed by Nicole, while Ashley and Heather collaborated on the hair. Wearing Goal Digger Dollhouse Lashes

Galaxy - Makeup by Tommie, Wearing Goal Digger Dollhouse Lashes

Pop Art - Styling by Tommie. Rocking Goal Digger Dollhouse Lashes

Pretty Peacock - Makeup by Tommie

Sultry Sugar Skull - Makeup by Jeanette, Hair by Ashley. Goal Digger Dollhouse Lashes

Iridescent Mermaid - Makeup by Tommie

Hair + Makeup: Dollhouse Hair and Makeup Design

Lashes: Beauty By Dollhouse - Dollhouse Lashes

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