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Stylist Spotlight: Jeanette

Name: Jeanette

Expert in Makeup

Instagram: @j.net_mua


About me: I'm currently a Senior Artist with Sephora. If I'm not working I'm out having fun with my family and friends and looking for my next travel destination.

Experience: 10 years, 5 years professional.

Inspiration: My inspiration has always been the women that Ive surrounded myself with. Starting with my family and watching my grandmother and mother get ready before a family event. Today I am inspired by the women I work with and the women that leave my chair feeling confident in their own skin. It empowers me to keep learning and pushing those around me to break their comfort zones and be confident in them selves.

Favorite Dollhouse Lash: Boss Lady

Favorite Style: Soft smoky eyes with lashes and a nude lip

What tool would you be lost without: My absolute favorite product is Sephora Collection Matte perfection powder. It is soft and the coverage is amazing. It is such a great product for anyone.

Favorite Looks:


Check back for the fantastic _______ Tutorial by Jeanette!

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