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Stylist Spotlight: Nicole

Name: Nicole Webb

Expert in Makeup

Instagram: @n_webb


About me: I'm currently working at MAC. I'm very family oriented and obsessed w/ my baby niece. I also love going to concerts and traveling w/ my best friends.

Experience: Licensed cosmetologist for 10 years. Makeup artist for 8 years.

Inspiration: Bringing out someone's individual beauty has always been my passion. I'm always inspired by trend and art. From high fashion to pop culture Its always fun to create new makeup looks.

Favorite Dollhouse Lash: Goal Digger

Favorite Style: Color! Whether it's a bold smokey eye or a fun graphic eyeliner I love using color in unconventional ways.

What tool would you be lost without: Glitter!

Favorite Looks:


Dollhouse Hair and Makeup Design

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